What is Personalisation?

by Super User


A personalized monogram adds that sincere touch to the simplest of gifts.

Our artisans use the traditional hand-monogramming technique where metal letters are heated & stamped deeply onto the leather surface to ensure an attractive and lasting impression.

This is an extremely intricate process that produces a exquisite charming debossment than a laser machine engraving which simply burns the leather surface.


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A visit to our new tannery in Vietnam!

Our usual customers would know that we usually scout around asia looking for unique and quality leathers.

This time round we ended up at the outskirts of vietnam & boy was this place big!

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Handmade vs Handcrafted

No matter how hard I searched I couldn’t find a definitive answer to the never ending debate “Handmade vs. Handcrafted”.

If you’re into any aspect of art or crafting I can almost guarantee you’ve had this discussion before one form or another.

So what do the experts say?

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