Selecting quality leather from family tanneries,

 fabricating sturdy iron buckles from sweaty blacksmiths, 

gathering buttery soft cotton from farmland cotton mills, 

scouting jaded fleas markets for antique leather designs...


What we believe in since 2006. 

1.  Quality carry goods need not be expensive.

 We constantly streamline our processes; all the way from sourcing of value leather to retailing our own crafts.

Eliminating expensive marketing, middlemen and posh retail spaces to bring you better value for money every day carry (EDC) goods.    



2.  Thoughtful & practical designs that would help in our daily lives.

 We are constantly evolving our designs to help in our users’ lives.

Our crafts shouldn’t be just a fashion statement, we want them to make solve problems and make your lives simpler.  


3.  Crafting vintage designs that don’t go out of style.

 Vintage just doesn’t disappear.

Every vintage design has a unique soul that transcends time.

Recreating these designs is our way of keeping that unique artistry& treasured memories alive.